The Fresh Ten.

Our Favorite NFTs of the Month

“Mind expanding artworks from my eye opening, insane journey in the metaverse.”



We are mining rare blockchain minerals right now. Today is a gold rush, it’s an ethereum rush. It’s a pearl of our century. But we definitely have more money then in the 1840s. Let’s mine and make ethereum bigger than yesterday…
NFT Artist & Metaverse Mogul

I am a french digital artist. In a style both minimalist and pop, I like to portray a certain idea of ​​modernity through a gallery of strange and surreal characters.

I have been making digital artwork since I was a young teen. Since then I knew I always wanted to be an artist and get to create things for other people. Being creative and creating things for others to enjoy is my passion.

Traditional ink paintings of Skulls & Skeletons, a study of anatomy, composition, and contrast. Digital voodoo was applied to these traditional ink paintings & brought them to life. Drawn with a fountain pen | Shaded with Sumi ink | Animated with Adobe Animate

When you buy, he dump it. When you sold, he pump it. Collect and achieve ability to predict the future. Work dedicated to my namesakes Les frères Bogdanoff

Swiss Visual artist! Painting, Street Art, Digitalart and more.

An illusion of beauty that mesmerizes
the beholder.. and a door which leads
to a place unknown.

Leriche consciously seeks out the juxtaposition between what is artificial and what is authentic, rendering artworks that encourage the viewer to identify this duality. 

Tatiana, 32 y/o Ukraine, love sport, travel, kids. Appics Brand Ambassador, Cryptocurrency Lover.