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MIKO MATSUMURA is a General Partner with Gumi Ventures, a US investment fund focused on early stage blockchain startups, he is also the co-founder of the crypto exchange Evercoin. Miko has built open source software startups in Silicon Valley, and has raised millions in venture capital. His vision of the future includes a world where open source communities and gaming can be used to solve real world problems.

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Lowkey Giant is a digital media outlet focused on NFT/Crypto creativity, culture and community. Our goal is to spotlight human-centric stories and creative collaborations that pave a new way forward.

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We are mining rare blockchain minerals right now. Today is a gold rush, it’s an ethereum rush. It’s a pearl of our century. But we definitely have more money then in the 1840s. Let’s mine and make ethereum bigger than yesterday…


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Eddie Gangland

NFT Artist & Metaverse Mogul

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I am a french digital artist. In a style both minimalist and pop, I like to portray a certain idea of ​​modernity through a gallery of strange and surreal characters.

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Nolan Martin

I have been making digital artwork since I was a young teen. Since then I knew I always wanted to be an artist and get to create things for other people. Being creative and creating things for others to enjoy is my passion.

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Traditional ink paintings of Skulls & Skeletons, a study of anatomy, composition, and contrast. Digital voodoo was applied to these traditional ink paintings & brought them to life. Drawn with a fountain pen | Shaded with Sumi ink | Animated with Adobe Animate

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When you buy, he dump it. When you sold, he pump it. Collect and achieve ability to predict the future. Work dedicated to my namesakes Les frères Bogdanoff

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Swiss Visual artist! Painting, Street Art, Digitalart and more.

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The Ultraviolet Dream

An illusion of beauty that mesmerizes
the beholder.. and a door which leads
to a place unknown.

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Jonas Leriche

Leriche consciously seeks out the juxtaposition between what is artificial and what is authentic, rendering artworks that encourage the viewer to identify this duality.

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Tatiana, 32 y/o Ukraine, love sport, travel, kids. Appics Brand Ambassador, Cryptocurrency Lover.

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Rock the Block

Interview w/ Craig Blackmoore