FLORCY MORISSET is an angel investor, artist and entrepreneur. She has over 15 years of leadership experience as a consultant, board chair and manager for large media and tech companies such as Dell and Netflix. Florcy’s vision of the future includes the use of technology to inspire cultural prosperity — for generational healing and growth.

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KARENE ISABELLE is a photographer whose work focuses on the intimate moments within family and relationships. Her debut into the NFT/Crypto space began in early 2021 with a sold out collection.


Fresh 10 : CONVERGE

A Metaverse Art Exhibition featuring:

Rebecca Rose + Serpico Nomad + Vintage Mozart + Cechk + Jah + Neenyo Elefonte + RealFlyGraphics + Aminmahmoodi + Adesola + Art. Tech. Human.

Event Recap

The 14th Annual Bushwick Film Festival Metaverse Experience

Lowkey Giant was a proud host of the Bushwick Film Festival and the emergence of art, film and NFTs on the festival circuit. Take a look at a few highlights from the 4 day metaverse experience.