SHIVANI MITRA is the managing director and curator for the Museum of Crypto Art. Growing up as a young child, she had a front row seat during the “dotcom boom”, and was inspired by new innovations in tech that quickly changed our modern world. Shivani’s vision of the future is one of faith in humans and new tools that bring us closer together. 

LKG_issue 07

TOM GILLESPIE is a crypto scamdemic investigator. His first film ‘The Fakefluencer‘ followed the mysterious scooter coin community. Tom’s second production trails holders of HEX who call themselves Hexicans.


Fresh 10 : NEOLOGY

A Metaverse Art Exhibition featuring:

Isaac Udogwu + DVKtheartist + Adama Delphine + Marylai + Kmotion + Jung + Auguste Lefou + Pierre Schmidt +Jonas Pfeiffer + Leafswan

Event Recap

The 14th Annual Bushwick Film Festival Metaverse Experience

Lowkey Giant was a proud host of the Bushwick Film Festival and the emergence of art, film and NFTs on the festival circuit. Take a look at a few highlights from the 4 day metaverse experience.