SHIVANI MITRA is the managing director and curator for the Museum of Crypto Art. Growing up as a young child, she had a front row seat during the “dotcom boom”, and was inspired by new innovations in tech that quickly changed our modern world. Shivani’s vision of the future is one of faith in humans and new tools that bring us closer together.

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FLORCY MORISSET is an angel investor, artist and entrepreneur. She has over 15 years of leadership experience as a consultant, board chair and manager for large media and tech companies such as Dell and Netflix. Florcy’s vision of the future includes the use of technology to inspire cultural prosperity — for generational healing and growth.

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SONIA ERIKA is a serial entrepreneur focused on solidarity economics. When her immigrant parents informed her that she was an illegal alien, she panicked — then kicked into gear and got herself into Harvard. Sonia’s vision of the future includes communities of connected people, robots and new experiences through rebirth and belonging.

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Miko Matsumura

MIKO MATSUMURA is a General Partner with Gumi Ventures, a US investment fund focused on early stage blockchain startups, he is also the co-founder of the crypto exchange Evercoin. Miko has built open source software startups in Silicon Valley, and has raised millions in venture capital. His vision of the future includes a world where open source communities and gaming can be used to solve real world problems.

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Lori Corpuz

LORI CORPUZ is an engineer and math enthusiast working in the decentralized finance community. As leader of business development for Tidal Financial, Lori and her team have ambitions on being ‘the FDIC for DeFi’. Lori’s personal vision of the future involves AI learning, and the use of data as feedback for improving both our work, and personal systems to become better at what we do.

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Jose Caballer

JOSE CABALLER is a designer and tech enthusiast with over 26 years of experience working closely with Titans of Tech. As a community architect and celestial pirate, Jose has helped to facilitate and support some of the most pioneering companies in the world like Razorfish and Consensys. His vision of the future is one focused on community, authenticity, and the realization that even his grandmother had her own version of the blockchain.

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Lady Pheonix

LADY PHEONIX is a digital pioneer and visionary within the tech and crypto community. As a serial entrepreneur and cultural enthusiast, she has helped to onboard and launch some of the biggest names in digital art, and cultural events within the crypto art scene. Her vision of the future is one of healing through personal sovereignty, and learning lessons passed down by the ancestors.

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