Rok the Blok

Lowkey Giant’s ‘Rok the Blok’ show is a multimedia program that explores new technology, virtual worlds and crypto culture. 
Hosted by Jon Blok
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MICHAEL HOLMAN is an avant-garde filmmaker, artist, musician and writer. His prolific work during the 1980’s downtown NYC creative scene has helped to shape pop culture as we know it today. Spanning hip hop, contemporary art and film, Michael is a true O.G. and creative icon.

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TOM GILLESPIE is a crypto scamdemic investigator. His first film ‘The Fakefluencer‘ followed the mysterious scooter coin community. Tom’s second production trails holders of HEX who call themselves Hexicans.

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KARENE ISABELLE is a photographer whose work focuses on the intimate moments within family and relationships. Her debut into the NFT/Crypto space began in early 2021 with a sold out collection.
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Daniel Schmidt is a dynamic animator and NFT artist with his own unique style inspired by music and motion.
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Tara Moves is an artist, animator and communitarian inspired by the creativity and individuality of dancing artists in motion.

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Craig Blackmoore is a multi-disciplined artist, producer and tech enthusiast. He shares insights about being a creative in the emerging crypto world.
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Ethan Berg, CEO of Agora World shares the vision and details of his immersive virtual reality platform with Jon Blok.
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Hip hop media pioneer Ed Young goes under the hood discussing his new NFT project with Jon Blok.

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